Turn ON Passwordless Authentication

Eliminate passwords, increase security using Biometrics & more. Your users can connect anywhere, anytime, from any device!

Future proofing your Digital Identity


Ultimate security with Biometrics enabling Passwordless Access

Zero Trust security for your users accounts empowered by advanced authentication based on biometric means. GAïA PASS gives the assurance of devices health and compliance goals.

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No more frictions on customers & employees Login journey

Improve your login journey with simple & secure authentication. Reduce frictions of your users related to failed login attempts. No need to remember or enter a password anymore!


Reduce Cost & Time Managing Passwords. Drive More Revenue!

Eliminate all the time your workforce spend on login resets, lockouts and password management processes. Increase productivity and satisfaction!


Authentication guaranteed Any Time, Anywhere, by Any Device!

Unlock a seamless & wonderful authentication experiences! Users of your platforms enjoy quick and simple access anywhere, any time and from any device.


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    The usage of passwords is very critical because criminals often use them to hack organizations. Anyone who handles user experience dislikes passwords, because they’re not very user friendly.
    Here are the top five reasons for using Passwordless Authentication.