Ease your customer onboarding journey with high levels of security


Scan ID

Scan the identity credential using OCR & RFID chips to catch fake IDs & Authenticate the customer Identity Document,

Take a selfie

Facial Authentication following ekyc & legal regulations, spoof detection & prevent fraud using NFC reading and authentications.

The profile is created!

The data is directly imported on your system. We collect consent and the process is compliant with KYC & Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), You can define access level & policies by type of user, role, or group of users.


Our clients save 30 minutes in average on Customers on-boarding!

Improve your services and make them more user-friendly and efficient.
Automate ID document data records and complete online forms in the easiest way.
Make your customer’s enrollment and subscription journeys simpler and more efficient. Check ID documents in real time and make sure your customers are exactly who they say they are.

Enroll more customers, faster than ever

Enroll more customers, faster than ever

Associate new technologies and regulatory obligations to accelerate performance.

Ensure KYC perform liveness checks and validate the identity surely. Design & implement the right KYC complying with your regulation.

Optimized & automated user journey

Optimized & automated user journey


For a Happier Customer Journey we help you to ameliorate the effectiveness of your identity check document with ouf eKYC and video KYC solutions

Prevent Fraud & comply to regulations

Prevent Fraud & comply to regulations

Ease your clients’ onboarding journey and maintain high levels of security

Read And Verify Identity Documents and create user-friendly onbording workflows. Choose between our large biometric authentication choice: Iris, Fingerprint, FaceID, voice.


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    Building Trust to Successfully Drive Digital Transformation

    We provide unique All-in-one platform to easily onboard and verify customers.

    We help you to ensure compliance and maintain high levels of security

    GAïA IDentity Document Authentication

    Capture the front and back of the credential, and then automatically extracts the facial image, printed information, and bar-encoded data. It then collects a live facial image, applying several attack detection algorithms to prevent spoofs.

    IDentity Document Verification

    Scan the customer government-issued ID using OCR or RFID chips built in electronic documents to Catch fake IDs and prevent fraud. Detection of document security features. NFC reading of e-passport chip data and perform all required authentications.

    Biometric liveness and spoof detection

    Detect a spoof attempt by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation. This is accomplished through algorithms that analyze data collected from biometric sensors to determine whether the source is live or reproduced

    Biometric Authentication

    Register and Authenticate new customer and validate transactions using facial recognition and liveness detection in real time using robust, multi-algorithm face spoof detection for authentication and identity proofing (paper, digital, video, 2D/3D masks).

    Biometric Matching and recognantion

    identity validation based on ID document authentication presents an elegant solution for complying with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations without inconveniencing customers.

    Manage and ensure compliance

    identity validation based on ID document authentication presents an elegant solution for complying with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations without inconveniencing customers.

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    By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.


    Comprehensive all-in-one platform with innovative functionalities

    We support you to build a real-time onboarding and Identity Verification. Your digital transformation is made easy with Oxyliom Solutions!
    • Verify customers
    • KYC and Identity Verification
    • Facial Biometric Authentication
    • Know Your Business
    • OCR for Businesses ( OCR )

    Let’s make something awesome together, we have answers to all your questions!

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    We build the Next generation of
    Smart Secure identity & Trust services

    We deliver all our products based on an integrated platform that supports the most advanced technologies and tools native to the cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, , API-first and DevOps.


    Access Management

    Recognizing authentic users and assigning secure access using Multi-factor & Biometric Means.

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    Intelligent Gateway

    When Artificial Intelligence drives API Access Security

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    Data Governance

    An approach with controlled verification, improved compliance, and reduced risk.