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The number of cyberattacks has been growing in recent years, as hackers are constantly evolving, launching more sophisticated attacks that affect organizations and customers. Fraud and malicious activity are not limited to authentication and identity theft exploits. Insecure APIs are also targets. API attacks are often caused by a lack of authorization and knowledge of system integrity. GAïA Intelligent Gateway streamlines Identity and Access Management efforts and helps organizations manage identity and security for web applications, APIs, and microservices with a single solution.

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API Gateway

API Authentication & Authorization

Intelligent API Security

Access Gateway

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By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.

API Monitoring

Design Traffic Manager enforces rate limiting and dynamic throttling based on usage quotas and bandwidth quotas. Provides many usage graphs such as API latency and API usage comparison that help to monitor API and application performance.

API Gateway

The API gateway routes application traffic to services. It supports SSL termination, URL rewriting, and other standard features of a router while adding on the quality of service attributes for APIs.

API Authentication & Authorization

Supports OAuth2.0, OIDC, Basic Auth, API Key, Mutual TLS, and more. Restrict API access tokens to domains/IPs. Apply additional security policies to APIs (authentication and authorization). Generate JSON web tokens for consumption by back-end servers.

Access Gateway

Protect your on-premise and cloud applications with adaptive MFA or biometric means with a single login and granular policies. You can use GAÏA Advanced Identity and GAÏA Access Management platforms as an identity provider based on shared and recognized standards.

Intelligent API Security

Using artificial intelligence, GAïA Intelligent Gateway learns what is normal behavior for each API to help an organization automatically detect and block threats, bots and token-fraud that could lead to costly breaches. Prevent reverse API engineering, abuse access and misuse of the data behind it from partners and employees.

SSO Reverse Proxy

Single sign-on (SSO) allows a user or an entity to access multiple independent services from a single login session. GAÏA Intelligent Gateway supports SSO on the domain level and across multiple domains using cross-domain single sign- on (CDSSO).

Our Trusted Approach for Data Governance

GAÏA Data Governance services, reduces risk and improves regulatory compliance. It offers the assurance of an implementation respecting regulations and provides increased security through the management of who can access which data and according to which conditions.


We enable our customers to better define and manage the characteristics of each data point and the level of security required for each operation.


We allow the control of all transactions according to different policies applied and links to the operation.


Apply specifics workflows needed to match with new security specifications & Compliance.


Governance approach driving by Artificial Intelligence & richness of filters

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