Banking and Finance

Deliver a full digital banking experience to your customers and Switch to Paperless on-boarding processes, applications, and transactions.


Public Sector

Simplifying access to services for citizens with a full digitized services for an efficient public administration



Protect LTE networks that lie behind the 4G infrastructure and go to the full paperless experience


Opt to full digital experience and Secure your business transactions also all the access to your applications.



Move to secure world by using easy identity for employees, students and provide them a secure access and full digital experience


Make easy the management of your patients and medical staff and secure your electronic access and transactions

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By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.

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The Right platform for
Digital Experience Challenges

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work with our tailored Trust Services adapted to your business needs. Benefit from a wide range of its usages: dematerialized invoices, dematerialized certificates, online contract services, tele transmission of care…

Zero Trust

Easy and seamless management of electronic Identity for your customers, organization or devices.

Modernize compliance

Secure digital access through strong authentication, biometric and intelligent access using AI et context based.

Open Banking & PSD2

Design, Control and comply easily using the data governance module.

Hybrid Identity

Design and deploy any signature workflows according to your regulation and your need.

What we do?

We provide an Integrated platform for a Modern Digital Experience

We deliver all our products based on an integrated platform that supports the most advanced technologies and tools native to the cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, , API-first and DevOps.