We support you to define all processes requirements, legal regulations, KYC & AML compliance.


Seamlessly manage the secure electronic identity of employees.


Secure Identities of objects IoT and protect data, privacy, and safety.


Doing Digital Identities
Right for a positive
Customer Experience

We offer a comprehensive platform for identity services with modern, secure, and legaly compliant digital customer experience.

We Provide a baseline for identity management services to manage customer identities and access management for everything.

What we do?

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By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.

How we do it?

The Right platform for
Digital Experience Challenges

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work with our tailored Trust Services adapted to your business needs. Benefit from a wide range of its usages: dematerialized invoices, dematerialized certificates, online contract services, tele transmission of care…

Save Time, Ready To Go

With GAÏA Trust Platform, companies benefit from a full-service CIAM solution and trust services which offer flexible deployment models with services available for both on-premise and cloud.
The platform features a high-performance directory to manage structured and unstructured data, data governance, multi-factor authentication, intelligent API gateway and trust services through one seamless, integrated platform.

Scale Infinitely

GAÏA Trust Platform is designed to meet challenges of emerging requirements for flexibility, agility, scalability and implementing new technologies.
Related container infrastructure making the process of porting applications between environments much simpler and more straightforward and with a several connectors to multiple solutions and standards implementation, GAÏA Trust Platform enable and facilitate interoperability.

Boosting Your Digital Transformation

Boost your business by managing relationships between apps, services, users, devices, and things. In addition, accelerate time-to-market and deliver apps as well as services ahead of the competition. GAÏA TRUST PLATEFORM is unique in combining Identity features and Trust Services in order to offer a smooth digital transformation.

Lower Cost Of Compliance

Protect access to resources and applications to comply with your specific regulations with a unique platform. Take the control of all processes for managing identifications means and ensure the right access to the right resource at the right time and for the right reason. Manage the proof of identity & consent easily by offering your customers more demilitarised online services.

Accelerating The Return Of Investment

Offer more services to your costumers while securing your business with our unique platform that allows you to control all identity management processes, consumer online services with full compliance with the regulations. Ensure that the right organisation and the right application has the right access to the right process.

360 Degree View Of Identity, Access & Trust Services

Central auditing and reporting system that allows to all companies to have a 360° visibility in audit trails to prove that all the activities are executed by the right person and the right resource helps the company to be sure that all the processes are secure and also respects regulation policy of identification and regulation policy for trust services.

What we do?

We provide an Integrated platform for a Modern Digital Experience

We deliver all our products based on an integrated platform that supports the most advanced technologies and tools native to the cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, , API-first and DevOps.

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