Your Customer Journey Orchestred Without Code


We Seamlessly Secure your Business

No-Code Customer Identity Orchestration

Design all the flows of identity from the registration until the revocation and creates a logical Identity Fabric that ensures identities policies are consistent. Building taillored user flows that much with your strategy in a record time without writing custom

No-Code KYC & On-Boarding Orchestration

Improve your user adoption with build onboarding flows for a complete KYC/AML checks in seconds, without engaging developers. We help your organisation to stay compliant and avoid costly fines. Seamless integration with any app.

No-Code Access and Authorization Orchestration

Seamlessly design and deploy complex authorization and access policies that identity verification,authorization, authentication, provisioning, governance, privileged access, risk and fraud services with a unified identity fabric platforme.

Connect Legal & Cloud Platform Faster

GAïA Orchestration allows you by default to connect to legal platforms such as Luxtrust, FranceConnect BelgianID, eHerkenning, Entersekt and also to many other identity cloud platfome as ping, okta, duosecurity.