Move to the future with our Identity Cloud Solution All-in-One

We help you to manage and verify identity for your workforce & customers, govern access authorizations, comply with data regulations, automate your business and deliver seamless customer journeys.

Our Identity Cloud Solution ticks all your boxes!

All-in-one Cloud for both IAM & CIAM

Our unique Identity Cloud Solution gathers all your needs for IAM & CIAM.

Increase security anywhere, anytime, for everything

Implement Zero Trust, plus, reduce risks & frauds!
You control all access authorizations for your employees, customers and things. Choose from different authentication means and link them to your data governance or regulations.

Design any user journey

Based on your use cases, you can create your customer journey in few clicks, with easy drag & drog.

Improve workforce productivity

Reduce silos and manual work, Automate your workforce processes with workflows, analyze performance through advanced & comprehensive dashboards.

Turn on optimum data governance & verification

Link your data governance & regulations to your identity, access management, and user journeys. You can define data rules by user type, role or group. Plus, you can create multiple data policies based on the country of your customer / user.

Accelerate IT efficiency

Manage identity & access with full flexibility using the Cloud. We have made it easy for you to setup IAM & CIAM, and to deploy your IT updated. Much faster compared to on-prem applications!

All you need for digital signature

Orchestrate your legal documents digital signature on the cloud securely. You can create workflows with a variety of use cases, signatories, and approvers.


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    How we help you Future proof your Digital Identity?

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    Improve customer Experience

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    Zero Trust security powered by Passworless MFA

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    Security & Convenience - Go Passwordless

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    No-Code Legal Contract Orchestration

    Explore our products

    Identity Management -Universal directory

    Define and control a Smart identity adapted to your business based on a flexible data model, identification and verifications policies. Create new accounts easily as we connect to your Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365...

    Strong Authentication with multiple means

    Give access to the right person at the right time for the right reasons while respecting legal regulations. Choose one of our features: Single Sign on, Multi-factor authentication, Biometrics, Contextual and Adaptive Risk Authentication.

    Data governance, verification & compliance

    Centralize your policies verification to meet regulatory needs such as NIST SP 800, EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework and Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Reduce risks to compliance and frauds by defining policies by country of residence or nationality, user role, type or group.

    Online Customer Onboarding KYC

    Enroll your customers in easy steps: Scan the identity credential using OCR & RFID chips to catch fake IDs & Authenticate the customer Identity Document. Take a selfie: Facial Authentication following ekyc & legal regulations, spoof detection & prevent fraud using NFC reading and authentications.

    Secure Digital Signature

    Control your digital signature workflows, define signatories and approvers. Meet challenges of emerging requirements for flexibility, agility, scalability and implementing new technologies. We deliver electronic signature for paperless business processes.

    Automation of customer journeys & work processes

    Design & automate your workflows and customer journeys from the registration, to activation, renewal, and revocation. We support you build tailored user flows that match with your strategy in a record time No-code, and compliant with regulations.