Quality Assurance

Define, control and manage the characteristics of each data information crucial to reduce risk for your business

Govern Security

Take control of the security and privacy of your clients information and customer data

Govern Availability

Manage the right access to each data information according to multiple policies

GAïA Data Governance Features

GAÏA Data Governance offers centralized policies verification. This allows the enforcement of preventive and detective controls, and help in meeting regulatory needs including NIST SP 800, EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework and Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Zero Trust Approach

Comprehensive approach to secure identification and access of everything

Compliance By Design

Easy toolset to achieve compliance with your specific security access regulations

Your Business Made Easy

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By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.

Our Trusted Approach for Data Governance

GAÏA Data Governance services, reduces risk and improves regulatory compliance. It offers the assurance of an implementation respecting regulations and provides increased security through the management of who can access which data and according to which conditions.


We enable our customers to better define and manage the characteristics of each data point and the level of security required for each operation.


We allow the control of all transactions according to different policies applied and links to the operation.


Apply specifics workflows needed to match with new security specifications & Compliance.


Governance approach driving by Artificial Intelligence & richness of filters

Secure Access with Advanced
Authentication means Adapted to your business


Identification Policy Management

Design and deploy in a easiest way all your eID specifications according to your needs


DATA Governance

Control and manage seamlessly all the operation relied to your eID according to your policies


Entitlement Governance

The perfect segregation to reduce risk by allowing the right administration access


Customer & Administrator Self Service

Give the appropriate actions to the right eID allowing to reduce customer service costs and improve productivity

Identity & Authentication Assurance Levels

Enables to design the personal data information lifecycle management according to policies categorized by Consent, Data Access & Rectification, Data Portability or Data Security.

Identity Assurance Level

Design of the assurance level related to each workflow managing identities

Authentication Assurance Level

Design the authentication assurance according to regulation needs

Compliance& Consent Governance

Reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance with customer-related data governance

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