Your Business CAN be easier, safer and more accessible.


Who we are?

We are THE Identity & Trust Services Company

We help organizations to confidently implement advanced solutions to streamline business processes. From seamlessly managing the secure electronic identity of customers, and employees, to building Smart Secure Trusted services for digital transactions, Oxyliom guides entities step-by-step to a future that is safe and reliable, with regulatory sound and commercially compelling technology.


Entreprise ready

Managed by Organization, Business Unit and specific uses, we provide a rich and highly available high-performance platform

Where we work

We help our customers to defining and implementing their identity and trust services policies in order to be compliance with international norms

Comply with Regulation

Providing compliance of processes related to electronic signing, sealing, timestamping, and long-term storage of electronic documents

Why we are different?

We build the Next generation of Smart Secure identity & Trust services


What We Do?

We build the Next generation of Smart Secure Identity and Trusted services

We deliver an integrated platform that supports all parts of identity services for a modern digital experience, supporting the various regulations around KYC and AML, but also Open Banking, PSD2, and privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Advanced Identity & Access Management

We offer a modern, secure, and legally compliant platform for managing identity and access management for everything.

Advanced Trust Services Management

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work with our tailored Trust Services adapted to your business needs.

They Trust us

How We do it?

We provide an Integrated platform for a Modern Digital Experience

We deliver all our products based on an integrated platform that supports the most advanced technologies and tools native to the cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, , API-first and DevOps.