Identity & Access Management

Seamlessly manage secure electronic identity of Customers, Workforce and Things

Digital Trust Services

Streamline safe, fast and paperless business processes using innovative trust services solutions


Your Business CAN be Easier,
Safer and more Accessible

Identity for everything


Be Legally

Electronic Signature

Multi-factor & Biometric

signed documents

We deliver an integrated platform that supports all parts of identity and trust services for a modern Customer Digital Experience, supporting the various regulations around KYC and AML, but also Open Banking, PSD2, and privacy regulations such as GDPR.

  • Single platform to manage Identity, Access & Trust services
  • Identity for everything
  • Flexible workflow integration and full API-Based
  • Easy to implement, Save Time, Ready to Go
  • AI driven
  • Tailored maid mobile application with your services
  • Legally compliant, Lower your cost!

We build the Next generation of
Smart Secure identity &
Trust services

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Advanced Identity &
Access Management

Doing digital identities right for a positive customer experience!
We offer a modern, secure, and legally compliant platform for managing identity plus access management for everything.

Identity Management

Seamlessly Manage the secure electronic Identity of Customers, Workforce and Things

Access Management

Recognizing authentic users and assigning secure access using Multi-factor & Biometric Means

Intelligent Gateway

When Artificial Intelligence drives API Access Security

Data Governance

An approach with controlled verification, improved compliance, and reduced risk


Advanced Trust Services

Boost your business and reduce the cost of manual work with our tailored Trust Services adapted to your business needs. Benefit from a wide range of its usages: dematerialised invoices and certificates, online contract services, tele transmission of care…


Digitalise your business processes with secure, simple and legal electronic signature.

Identity Document

Secure your documents with the use of 2D identity and fight against document fraud.

Key Management

Manage the lifecycle of your keys quickly for your signature and encryption needs.

Archiving Vault

Store your electronically signed documents and proof files depending on your regulations.


Industry Analysts about us

By combining capabilities commonly found in CIAM (Consumer IAM) solutions with electronic trust services, Oxyliom Solutions delivers a comprehensive solution for a variety of use cases where consumer identities, high requirements on trust, and regulatory compliance meet.


We build the Next generation of Smart Secure identity & Trust services

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